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HotelPro, Advanced Hotel Management Solutions:HotelPro - Advanced Hotel Management Solutions
HotelPro is a hotel management software running on Intranet.

Level of programming:

  • Local Data Access (Server).

  • Network Data Access (LAN).

  • Remote Data Access Through Dial Up Adapter.

  • Remote Data Access Through The Internet.

  • Local Hosting Of The Company's Web Site, Leased Line or DSL must be used here, with Dedicated IP and DNS for the Server.

HotelPro Main Features:
● Front Office handles:
- Reservations.
- Check In.
- Check Out.
- Bills & Invoices.
● Checking room availability.
● All guest's reservations are shown in the same window..
● Making simple reservations.
● Handling walk-in guests.
● Allocating a room at the time a reservation is made.
● Remote Reservation through Internet connection using a PHP file.

HotelPro Main Login Form
HotelPro Main Login Form

Software Units:
The software basically consist of the following units:

  • Oracle Database:
    HotelPro based on Oracle database server, and could be accessed locally, through LAN or the Internet..

  • Server Side Application:
    An application running on the server, (you can see the main login form above) it connects to the database server locally.

  • Client/Terminal Side Application:
    Running on the workstations (clients) for LAN access, it connects to the database server through the server host name (or IP).

  • Apache HTTP Server:
    With HotelPro, Apache, PHP, and a DNS will be setup for Internet reservations integration.

  • Server Side PHP Script:
    A PHP script connects to the database server through a web interface (Under Browser).
    - Workstations can use this script by entering the Hostname of the server in their browser.
    - International users can use this script by entering to the hotel web site and click Reserve Now!

  • Dial-In Feature:
    HotelPro provides a special feature so that remote agents can access the database through dialing up the telephone number of the server, and entering a valid username and password, then a connection will be established between the server and the agent's computer.
    - Server must be configured to accept incoming calls.

  • Administration:
    Everything could be seen in the administration panel, administrator can add, update, delete reservations, view visitor or agent history, view hotel reports, manage rooms and room kinds, etc...

HotelPro Main Menu
HotelPro Main Menu

  • Reservation Menu:
    You can Add, Update, Check In/Out and do a Walk In reservations.

HotelPro Reservation Menu
HotelPro Reservation Menu

  • Add Reservation:
    After clicking 'Add' button, a new screen shown to handle a new guest/reservations.

HotelPro New Reservation Screen
HotelPro New Reservation Screen

  • Administrative Reports:
    Administrator (or information manager) can view rooms situation report by clicking 'Report' button in the main menu.

HotelPro Administrative Reports
HotelPro Administrative Reports

  • Setup Panel:
    Administrator can manage rooms, room numbers and room kinds through the setup screen, and this could be shown by clicking 'Setup' button in the main menu.

  • Internet Reservation Web Page (PHP Script):
    This script installed at the Http server root, and could be accessed through the reserve.php page, under the home directory of the hotel web site.

HotelPro Internet Reservation Web Page
HotelPro Internet Reservation Web Page

HotelPro Credits:


. Fouad Akkad..............

. Kamal Elhashemi........ kamal@offclick.com
. Hassan Eslim.............. hassan_eslim@offclick.com

. Mohammad Khattam...


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