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Offclick Intranet Development - Basic Requirements:

Overview | Basic Requirements | Demo Application

Software Requirements:
The Intranet Server requires these software units:

Intranet Basic Server Requirements.
Intranet Server Basic Requirements.

  • Operating System: with networking and client/server support... Microsoft Windows Server Family is a good known sample of such operating systems.
  • Database server: with networking and client/server support too... Oracle Database Server is a good known sample of such database servers.
  • HTTP Server: This will run web site of the company, a DNS must be configured and running... Apache Http Server or Microsoft IIS are good known examples of such http servers.
  • Special Applications such as:
  • Information Management Applications.
  • Communication Applications.
  • User Administration.
  • System Statistics.
  • Access Rights Administration.
  • Calendar Application.
  • Bulletin Board Application.
  • Search Application.
  • Notification System.
  • Online Help.
  • Group Work Applications.
  • Group Administration.
  • External Applications.
  • Security Applications.


Overview | Basic Requirements | Demo Application

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